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Resource Governance International (RGI) is transforming resource governance and setting resource-industry benchmarks through smart software, thought leadership and advocacy.

Through its products and experience, RGI helps resource companies transform governance and public reporting so it becomes consistent, transparent and increases stakeholder confidence.

This translates into a higher standing with the investment community, regulators, and all stakeholders, and better returns for shareholders.

RGI also seeks to engage leaders in resource governance to provide a central point of best practice advice and guidance for all mining companies globally.

We want to work with all mining consultants in order to make R-CUBED the industry standard globally.  That’s why we want Mining Consultants to have as much access as they like to the system at no charge.

If you want to work with us as an associate who can implement the system then please contact us now, wherever you are. This applies to individuals or larger consultancies.


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Do you want to industrialise and maximise the value of your reserve and resource reporting procedures?

RGI provides resource companies globally with exclusive access to the leading application to ensure streamlined, standardised, accurate and cost-effective reserve and resource reporting.

This will save time for all concerned with resource and Reserve Reporting, increase stakeholder satisfaction and make your company more attractive to investors.